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    And Then There Were Two: Nathan’s Birth Story

    December 4, 2017
    nathan birth story

    Hey there stranger! I’m still alive, in case you were wondering! It’s been a busy last couple of weeks what with having a baby and all! And so I guess there are some introductions to make… Everyone, meet Nathan Paul!

    I always love hearing other mamas’ birth stories and how their little ones came into this world and I’ve shared Olivia’s birth story here, so I thought it only natural to share Nathan’s birth story as well.

    Despite my best efforts to get Nathan to come on his own (walking up and down my stairs 30 times, eating spicy food, taking a walk around my neighborhood for an hour, etc), my doctor and I discussed that it would be best to induce. So on Tuesday, November 21st, I went in for an induction. I was a little nervous but super excited to meet our baby and see if it was a boy or a girl!

    They broke my water and started me on Pitocin and soon after I started feeling contractions. My mom and Eric helped me pass the time by playing the Heads Up app (charades) and at one point Eric literally did a somersault in the middle of the delivery room and we were all in fits of laughter.

    My contractions weren’t getting very strong or close together so the nurse suggested I walk the halls for a bit and that definitely got the contractions going. At that point, I was ready for the epidural. The epidural is always the thing I’m most nervous about. You’ve got this big needle that they’re about to stick into your spine and they tell you to be super still, yet all the while you’re having painful contractions. Not fun.

    At around 7pm my doctor came in because her shift was ending and another one of my doctors was about to start the next shift. They decided to check my dilation before my primary doctor left. They each checked my dilation and started conferring with each other in hushed tones. Then they turned to me and said that the baby was coming out face first (the medical term is facial presentation). Babies typically come out with the crown of their head but my baby had his neck and head hyperextended so that he was basically pushing out of me with his face.

    My doctor tried to help the baby adjust his head but it didn’t work and the baby’s heartbeat started to drop. And before I knew it there were 15 doctors in the room and they’re telling me that I need to have a c-section.

    I was devastated.

    Everyone has an idea in their head of how they’d like their labor and delivery to go and a c-section wasn’t what I wanted. I didn’t want the long, difficult recovery, I didn’t want to be prohibited from holding Olivia or being able to drive, and in the moment they told me I had to have a c-section all I could do was cry (okay, more like sob).

    I asked them if they could try anything else and they said trying to move the baby once was all they could do. The doctors said we could try waiting an hour to see if he moves on his own but it could be risky if his heart rate dropped again and then they’d have to rush me off to an emergency c-section.

    At that point there was nothing else for me to do but let them get my baby out as safely as possible.

    Being wheeled into the O.R. was the most surreal moment as doctors are rushing around prepping everything and me not knowing what this whole thing would be or feel like. But it all happened so fast that before I knew it, at 8:02pm they were pulling the baby out. I had a feeling we were having a boy, but the most special moment of the day was seeing the burst of emotion on my hubby’s face when they announced, “It’s a BOY!”

    it's a boy

    When they first brought him to me I couldn’t believe how incredibly swollen his face was. It looked like he had just gotten out of a terrible fight. It was evident how much stress he was under because of the facial presentation. You can see in the photo below how different his face looks from the time he was born to just a day later.

    nathan's birth story

    We stayed in the hospital for 3 nights and even though it was hard to be away from Olivia, it was so special to have her come to the hospital and see her face light up at the sight of her new brother. She just wanted to hold him and touch him and count his toes. 🙂

    baby brother big sister love

    olivia meeting nathan birth story

    Even though Nathan’s entrance in this world was a little different than what I wanted or expected, we are so happy to have this new little addition to our family. We’ve been snuggling him and getting to know him and protecting him from the extra love that his big sister showers him with. 😉



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