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The Second Time Around Baby Must Haves

August 15, 2017
second time around baby must haves

With only three months left in this pregnancy that seems to be going faster than a speeding train, I am starting to think that maybe, just maybe, I should start getting ready for Baby’s arrival. So I’ve started putting together a list of some of the things I plan on buying for the new baby and it’s kind of surprising how much things can change and how many better products are out there since a mere 2.5 years ago when I had Olivia. I typically subscribe to the less is more approach when it comes to things-you-need-when-having-a-baby so I don’t plan on getting much, but there are definitely a few baby items that I have my eye on and you should too if you’re expecting.

The Dockatot So this is definitely the number one item on my list because I have heard SO many good things about it from pretty much every mom that owns it. It’s a basically a docking station for your baby for everything from playing and tummy time to resting and changing. I was a big fan of the Boppy Lounger when Olivia was a baby and I think the Dockatot will be even better.

The BinxyBaby This is a shopping cart sling that your baby lays in while you peruse every aisle of Target. I remember how difficult grocery shopping with Olivia was because the carseat took up almost the entire cart, but this is the perfect solution. My best friend had this with her second child and swore by it and I cannot wait to use it.

A New Monitor (with a second camera) I was extremely disappointed in our first baby monitor and would not recommend it so this time around I have chosen this monitor (along with a second camera for my Original Baby, Olivia).

MilkSnob Cover I love this cover because it has several purposes– carseat cover, nursing cover, shopping cart and high chair cover. It looks awesome and they have so many different prints to choose from.

Baby Carrier / Baby Wrap We have a Baby Bjorn but I don’t love it and I’ve heard the best things about this ErgoBaby carrier and I think we might give it a try. Also, I bought the Solly Baby Wrap with Olivia and loved it but never really used it as much as I wanted to. I plan on wearing Baby #2 as much as possible as I try to manage a toddler and a baby, so I know this will get a lot more use. It’s very comfortable and so easy to put on.

What are some mom and baby must haves that you couldn’t live without?



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