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A Little Bit of Sunshine No. 2

June 16, 2017
a little bit of sunshine no 2

Yay for Friday and my second edition of A Little Bit of Sunshine. If you remember the first one from a couple weeks ago, this is a series where I’ll share what’s in my shopping cart this week, a recipe I’ve tried/want to try, and something random. Basically a mixing bowl of fun! 🙂

What’s in my shopping cart this week…

Well first of all, if you haven’t already checked out my Mama + Mini Beach Style post from earlier this week then head on over because there are so many good things (half of which were not only in my shopping cart, but are en route to my house!). But in addition to those awesome things, here’s what I’m eyeing.

For Mama…

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, I am loving these fun and festive tees and just bought the Stars & Stripes one. And even though I don’t have a pool (although I’m working on hubby for that) I want one of these floaties so bad. Do you think it would look weird if I just lay on it in my front yard?

For Mini…

My bestie, Joie de Paper, told me about these mini houses that she bought her daughter and I immediately ordered them because they will be perfect for Olivia for the long plane ride to Italy.

What’s on the menu…

I made these BBQ Ranch Grilled Chicken and Veggie Bowls a couple nights ago and oh em gee they were so good and so easy! The mark of a good meal is when Eric can’t stop eating and talking about it. The recipe calls for Honey BBQ Ranch dressing but my grocery store either didn’t carry it or they don’t make it anymore, so I just bought Hidden Valley’s Cilantro Lime Ranch and mixed it with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce.

A funny story…

Everyday when Eric gets home from work I ask him how his day was and we chat about each other’s day. So recently, Olivia and I met Eric after work for dinner and as soon as she sees him she says, “How was your day, babe?” OMG, Eric and I could not stop laughing! Moral of the story: kids are always listening!

Have a great weekend!




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  • Sumeila June 20, 2017 at 7:35 am

    haha absolutely love the ending!

    Thank you for sharing such great tips!