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About Me

Hi there and welcome to My Plot of Sunshine! I’m Lauren Plotkin, former high school English teacher, stay at home mom, and blogger. I live in the suburbs of Chicago with my handsome husband Eric, adorable puppy Addison, and our sweet baby Olivia.

This blog was started on a whim and inspired by motherhood (see my very first post here) and has now become my passion project for all things mommy, baby, home, and lifestyle, with the occasional food and travel post thrown in for good measure. I try to approach motherhood and life with a sense of humor (and some good makeup to cover up those sleepless nights).

I believe that brunch and champagne– not necessarily in that order– are always a good idea. That all trips to Target require a shopping cart, an hour of time, and a minimum of $100. I think that the best, most rewarding job you’ll ever have is being a mommy. It’s also the hardest, stressful, and scariest, but shhh!– you don’t want to scare potential mommies away. 😉

My goal is simple: to document this wonderful life I’m living and share what I learn along the way with you all. Thank you so much for stopping by to read my lil slice of the internet and I hope you’ll come back often!

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