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A Little Bit of Sunshine No. 10

February 9, 2018
a bit of sunshine no 10

Happy Friday from Snow Storm Central! We are currently bracing ourselves for what’s supposed to be the biggest snow storm this winter and we’re expecting about 10 inches of snow (why do we live in the Midwest?). The only one that’s excited about the snow is Olivia because she has been asking to build a snowman aaaaallllll winter!

It’s been a while since I’ve done the Sunshine Series and I’m glad to be back this week with all of my favorite finds!

What’s in my shopping cart this week…

For Mama…

I’ve got spring on my mind and those pink heels are giving me aaaallll the heart eyes! Everything else here I already own. The peplum top is so flattering and a steal for less than $21, plus it comes in 5 colors! The bralette is super cute to put under tank tops/tees and it’s still easy to nurse in. Speaking of nursing, those are my fav nursing tanks to sleep in. And that pink jacket is the perfect spring jacket and also comes in a bunch of other colors!

For Mini…

Olivia also has everything seen here (can you tell mama has been shopping?). I bought the backpack because we are heading on a trip soon and I decided Olivia is old enough to carry some of her own things. I like the backpack because you can take the roller off and she can wear it on her back like a normal backpack. The aquadoodle is something fun that I hope will entertain her on the airplane. And finally, the Go Fishing game is just as much fun for me to play at 31 as it is for Liv to play! 🙂

For Baby…

If you have a baby, you neeeeeeeed this play mat! Nathan looooooves laying on this mat and the best part is that when he starts sitting up, the sides of the mat can be folded up and made into a mini ball pit! So cool! And I am obsessed with the black and white Cloud Island collection from Target and couldn’t help buying it all.

What’s on the menu…

A few weeks ago my bestie had us over for brunch and she made THE most delicious breakfast casserole everrrrr. Like mouth-watering, savory, get-in-my-belly good! It is a Buttery Breakfast Casserole with gruyere cheese and sausage. YUM! I have not tried making it myself yet but it is going to be added to the weekend breakfast rotation.

A Funny Story…

A few weeks ago, I was driving with both kids in the car when another car swerved into me. I honked my horn and yelled, “You asshole!” without even thinking that my toddler was listening. Of course, she asked me what I said and I replied that it was nothing. “Mom, did you say you banfhole?!” Yep, that’s what mommy said! Fast-foward a couple weeks later and as we’re walking out of the library, a car honked at another car and Olivia says, “You banfhole! That’s what you say, Mommy! You banfhole!”

Have a great weekend!



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